Title: Hybrid Art Store

Date: 2017

Location: Tehran, Iran

Type: Hybrid Multifunctional Gallery

Category: Interior Design

Architect: Yashar Montazeri, Negar Moghtadaei

Brief: Hybrid Art Store is a multifunctional mixed exhibition and is a place to display, produce and sell artistics objects. This project is part of a large multifunctional hybrid center that was designed in 2017 by the architects of the Tarkib studio, namely Negar Moqtadaei and Yashar Montazeri. The location of this project is District 11 and next to Hore Square in Tehran. Hybrid Art Gallery has used a spatial combination to increase the flexibility of the building. For this purpose, a movable hydraulic box is installed that can move vertically. When a large and flat hall is needed, this box is placed in the upper position and its lower space is added to the hall. Access to the box is provided by a static stairwell. But when the orange box is at the bottom, its store space is directly connected to the exhibition hall, and in the upper space, an attractive balcony is created for relaxation and user interaction.